Online Teaching

ChalkEd (formerly Ed2Engage) helps you make your online class more engaging by providing actionable data insights and recommendations.

We help you visualize and improve engagement, without the manual work.


Our plug-in integrates with most video-conferencing platforms to capture engagement metrics from online sessions.


Our intuitive dashboard provides aggregate, student-level, and equity metrics in both list and graph view. 


We understand that you're busy! This is why we provide personalized and actionable recommendations.

How it works


Download our plug-in and add it to your video teaching platform. Continue with your class usual. Then, log into our dashboard after class to view metrics such as attendance tracking, speaking time, chat interaction frequency, and more!


View overall metrics for each class over time. By allowing your students to also create a profile, you can also view equity and student-level data. Our platform will make personalized recommendations including custom calling lists, breakout room structures, predicted participation scores, and more!

Professor at Harvard University

"It is hard to know what format my students prefer. I am a big fan of ChalkEd for bringing visibility to that"


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